I feel much lighter, have more energy, am happier and more in control of my health decisions. Kate’s knowledgeable approach helped me get my confidence back; and her step-by-step guidance means I’ve lost weight, said goodbye to acid reflux and feel much better overall. I love all the compliments I am getting from people who haven’t seen me in a while! My favourite complement? How thick and full my hair is! And it just keeps growing! Thank you, Kate, for helping me get my health back on track! 

Jasmina M. (55), Pharmacist

Kate is extremely knowledgable and passionate about holistic nutrition. It really shows in the detailed plans she develops. She is so cheerful and pleasant to work with and is always available for a quick consultation. I would happily recommend her services to everyone I know.

Michelle O. (32), Product Manager

Since going grocery shopping with Kate, I feel more confident shopping on my own. With her easy-to-follow tips, I know I’m making healthy food choices and choosing the right ingredients and meal options that my body needs. Having been on her program for several weeks now, my skin is clearer, my sensitive digestive system feels much better and I feel great overall!

Benjamin L. (29), Pilot