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“Whenever I ‘diet’ I always count my calories and feel so hungry. When I look at the ingredients in the recipes, I feel like a lot of the ingredients are high in calories. However, I have lost 4lbs in one week, it seems to work! I’m completely rethinking how I diet now, clearly I’ve been doing it very wrong.” – Melissa R.

Melissa R., Melissa R.

“I’m down 3lbs this week and I’m starting to feel great! I can’t believe how satisfying the food is! And delicious! Thanks, Kate.” – Lorena C.

Lorena C., Lorena C.

“I’m so glad I’m doing this program…it’s keeping me focused and prevents me from giving into temptations or cravings. I find that having a plan is half the battle… and being prepared is the other half. Such a great habit-forming experience.” – Kuntal V.

Kuntal V., Kuntal V.

Hi! I’m Kate and I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to count calories, obsessively measure daily portions of food or starve yourself.

Are you struggling with a few stubborn pounds? Do you have skin concerns? Doyou feel sluggish and tired? Have sleeping problems? Or simply need a lifestyle, diet and body reset? 

Then the Slim Down Detox is for you! 6 weeks of delicious, nourishing recipes you can use for years to come. Plus skills and knowledge that will make a big difference.

If you’re ready join this supportive, encouraging, successful and fun group of Slim Down Detoxers, simply add your details to the box above and get ready for delicious food, consistent support and new friends!

“Such a great program! I got rid of a lot of bad habits and feel so much healthier. I not only lost weight, but stopped randomly snacking before meals or in front of the TV. The recipes are so great and I will definitely continue doing meal prep and cooking delicious, healthy meals with protein, fibre and healthy fats.” – Nora B.

Nora B., Nora B.

“Thank you, Kate! Your answers to all of my questions are always very helpful! I have learned so much over the past 8 weeks and am already planning what to do for next week! I love that my pantry is stocked with healthy ingredients and I am prepared with so many delicious, easy and healthy recipes!” – Karina C.

Karina C., Karina C.
Ready to enjoy a leaner body, more energy
 glowing skin and much more? 

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The Slim Down Detox Program Includes:
  • 6-one week meal plans and grocery lists (Omnivore, Vegetarian and Vegan options). 
  • 2-one hour group video calls at start and end of program. 
  • On-going access to private Facebook group where you can ask Kate your questions, share your thoughts and receive constant support and encourage from the Slim Down Detox community. 
  • Informative recipe videos with step-by-step recipe instructions, cooking demonstrations and wellness tips. 
  • Weekly holistic tips and wellness tasks to help you improve your overall health. 
  • Regular Open Office (aka Kitchen) Hours where Kate will be prepping LIVE. Join via video, chat as you cook, ask your questions and make sure you’re following recipes correctly. 
  • Awesome goodie bag filled with natural health products. 


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Regular Program Price

Got Questions? Great! Here are some Answers…

Q: How long is the program?
A: 6 weeks.

Q: When does the program start and end?
A: The Slim Down Detox starts after Labour Day Weekend, the long weekend in September. It starts on Tuesday, 5 September, 2017, and runs until Tuesday, 17 October, 2017.

Q: I am a vegetarian, can I still participate in the Slim Down Detox?
A: Yes! You will have a choice of vegetarian, vegan or omnivore meal plan options.

Q: What kind of foods can I expect to eat?
A: The program focuses on real, whole food. Think veggies, fruits, good-quality proteins (meat for omnivores and legumes for vegetarians and vegans) and, in small amounts, grains.

Q: How much will groceries cost?
A: This will vary greatly depending on where you purchase your groceries. The first week or two may be more costly as you stock your pantry. You may need to purchase some pricier items which will last you for several weeks to come. Options for discounted natural foods will be discussed.

Q: I don’t eat gluten and/or dairy. Is that okay?
A: All recipes in the Slim Down Detox program are gluten- and dairy-free. For the 6-weeks, all participants are encouraged to avoid alcohol and caffeine (coffee alternatives are discussed).

Q: Do I need any special kitchen utensils or appliances?
A: You will need a blender and food processor for the program. These are essentials for healthy eating and an investment in your health. I highly encourage you to purchase the best quality you can afford. Participants have found good deals at Costco, Walmart, Canadian Tire, online and more. A kitchen equipment list will be sent to you closer to the start date so you can also ensure you have any smaller items like baking trays, muffin tins, mixing bowls, etc.

Q: Is the Slim Down Detox right for me?
A: This program is for you if you find yourself eating out several times a week, you’re not sure what to cook and you’ve indulged a little too much over the summer. But, this isn’t simply a weightloss plan. Sure, you’ll lose weight, yippee! But you’ll also kickstart the process to a healthier, more-informed you! Knowledge is power. Learn to make easy, healthy and nutritious meals without confusion and guesswork.

Q: Who is Kate Ortak?
A: Kate is a Holistic Nutritionist based in Toronto, Canada. She believes in the magical healing power of whole, real food and it’s ability to make you feel and look like a million bucks!


Additional notes:
The Slim Down Detox program is 100% digital.
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