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Mineral Sunblock  

Aluminum Pump Bottle (90ml)

CAD $17.99

Moisturizing sun protection that not only protects your skin, it is also kind to the environment. Made with natural, organic and fair-trade ingredients with no harmful chemicals.

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Mineral Sunblock  

Glass Jar (60ml)

CAD $12.99

Moisturizing sun protection that not only protects your skin, it is also kind to the environment. Made with natural, organic and fair-trade ingredients with no harmful chemicals.

Choose your scent

“I used your sunscreen in Muskoka last week and I loved it! I love both scents but definitely prefer the coconut since its more tropical! My girlfriends tried them as well, they too loved them!” – Kimberly G.

“I love the yummy natural scents and how well the sunscreen applies to my skin. Works great for everyday use or for a day of fun in the sun! Happy to support local and a fellow Holistic Nutritionist!” – Sandra C.

“Holy I love it!!!!!! You are amazing at creating this. I’ve been looking for the perfect all natural sunscreen! Now I don’t have to buy that other stuff. Keep it up!” – Sally N.


Dare to be Bare sun protection lotion not only protects your skin from harmful sunburns, it is also kind to the environment. Using organic ingredients with no harmful additives or preservatives and fair-trade products that support communities around the world.

Reusable glass jars and aluminum bottles help to keep plastic out of landfills and water systems and protect our health.

Over time, chemicals from plastic containers can leach into creams and lotions, which we then put onto our skin and absorb into our bodies. Unlike plastic, glass and aluminum do not contaminate the creams inside.

When you have finished the cream, simply wash and refill the bottle with shampoo, face cream or any other beauty product. It’s the perfect container to take to the gym, on-the-go or while travelling (under 100ml). Safe use on the whole family.

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Coconut oil*, hemp oil*, beeswax*, shea butter*, zinc oxide, vitamin E oil*.

Organic, Ethically-Sourced Coconut Oil
Super nourishing for the skin; it keeps skin hydrated and promotes tissue repair. Plus anti-microbial properties prevent break outs.  

Organic, Local, Food-grade Hemp Oil
Contains a rare combination of omega 3, 6 and 9 which is incredibly beneficial not only to eat but also for the skin. The hemp we use is grown organically without pesticides or herbicides, and pressed and packaged by Purity Farms in Peterborough, ON.

Organic, Local Beeswax
A natural skin protectant and anti-inflammatory helps to soothe and calm itchy and irritated skin. It creates a barrier to hold in moisture, reduce dryness and protect from the sun’s rays. Unlike petroleum, beeswax doesn’t “suffocate” the skin and won’t clog your pores. This beeswax comes from two apiaries in Kingston, ON.

sheaOrganic, Grade A, Fair-trade Shea Butter
100% natural and unrefined, not dyed or bleached. Made by a fair-trade, women’s cooperative in Ghana and certified by the Shea Butter Alliance. Extracted by kneading with water, rather than hexane or other toxic solvents and purified at low heat using clays, not chemicals or high heat.  

Non-Nano Zinc Oxide
Mineral sun protector that is a broad-spectrum blocker, meaning it protects from UVA, UVB, and even UVC. Non-nano and uncoated zinc oxide is skin safe; the particles are too big to enter the skin. Instead, they create a protective barrier on the surface and block ultraviolet light

Organic Vitamin E Oil from GMO-free Sunflower Seeds
Sunflower seeds grown organically in Ontario. An excellent antioxidant, wound healer and natural preservative. Vitamin E keeps the skin young and soft while also naturally preserving the sunscreen and increasing its shelf-life.

Peppermint Essential Oil and Natural Coconut Flavour
All-natural, 100% pure and edible. Peppermint soothes and cools irritated skin and coconut adds a lovely tropical scent.